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     HOW CAN I SEND FLOWERS? Read this!

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Placing order for flowers and/or gifts delivery. Teplik Ukraine
fill the form below, please

Mixed bouquet MIRACLE
Make Happy Man You LOVE!!!
from 7 flowers
Choose size, please:

Small bouquet
 1106 UAH ($83)

Medium bouquet
 1185 UAH ($89)

Big bouquet (on photo)
 1585 UAH ($119)

 or enter another order cost (min 83$):

Order cost includes delivery fee: 31$

Your heart is full of feelings?!! Express them!!! Present these FLOWERS!!!

Bouquet of medium size is about 20% larger, than bouquet of small size.
Bouquet of big size is about 20% larger, than bouquet of medium size.

Attention! Vase cost is not included and must be paid additionally (from 10$).
If you need vase or having any other comments to your order - enter all you want in "Order comment" field. After receiving your order we'll inform yoy about possibility of order delivery and total cost.

Notice about flowers delivery on holidays and Sundays;
Notice about flowers and gifts substitution;

Placing order for flowers and/or gifts delivery. Teplik Ukraine
fill the form below, please

Order details
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To choose greeting card, if possible

Greeting card message
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You can add comment after text: "Please, translate in russian/ukrainian" and we'll translate text
Try enter text of 250 symbols maximum length, especially for western countries.
For not-russian-languaged countries latin symbols are preferable.
entered already:  

Order comment
Attached files
You can attach files to your order, if need:
graphic, text and so on. (photo of present or flower arrangement, for example). Please comment all attached files in the field above. Size of each file - max 2Mb.

Recipient information
important for order delivery
Recipient full name*
Recipient contacts
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It's better to give all known contacts:
phones, e@mail, ICQ, Skype.
This will higher delivery reliability.
We can accept order marked with
You'll take a risk of recipient absence in this case.
If you don't want calling recipient before delivery,
enter phone and add comment separated by comma:
"Please, call recipient in extreme case only! Thank You."
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By sending this order You are agreeing with TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICES.


Wait for "order sent" confirmation page after pressing "Send order!", otherwise order sending will fail

Searching for partners!

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2. contacting us:

+38 043 250-250-5

(day and night)

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Individual order

Individual order

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